Purpose of Heritage Pentecostal


Heritage Pentecostal’s mission is ever expanding in an attempt to keep pace with a growing population and a hurting world. It is our desire to reach our community one soul at a time by ministering to all people in every area of our city. This lofty mission can only be accomplished by sharing the love of God and staying true to His unchanging Word.


To be a 21st-century apostolic church in doctrine, principle, practice, and power.

  1. Heritage Pentecostal strives to provide connection for all people to Jesus Christ through evangelism, worship, discipleship and fellowship.
  2. Heritage Pentecostal is built upon a solid foundation that has its roots in the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2). Our purpose is very clear: 
      • Reach out to the Lost
      • Preach the Truth
      • Pray fervently
      • Study the Word
      • Worship in Spirit and in Truth
      • Multiply our efforts by training and equipping all members for ministry
  3. Heritage Pentecostal provides a variety of ministries designed to meet the needs of all people by providing opportunities for Salvation, Spiritual Growth, and Fellowship. Targeting specific ages, needs and interests, these ministries provide a means of connection with others in small group settings and collectively as a congregation.

Whether you are a member, first time visitor, or returning guest, there is a place for you at Heritage Pentecostal Church.